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  3. Hello Together, I just started getting into the MusicManager and digitizing my Scores when I stumbled over the question of how to best Organize them. I give the following example: The Cello Solo suite from Paul Hindemith contains five separate movements each being named I, II, III, IV, V. So my first approach was to put them all together as separate paper parts in one Edition an Label them by the same work. Then I found the Option for setting the Number and Name for the Movement, but figured, it can be only set for the whole Edition. So I made a different Edition for each Movement, Naming them "Solo Suite for Cello - I", "Solo Suite for Cello - II" etc. but that will obviously in the future generate a lot of Editions... Also, since I scanned the whole Edition at once, for each Movement a the whole scan will be saved as source material. (Probably the best to split the scan manually before adding it to a movement, to avoid unnecessary file space. What is the best practice here? How do I organize things best when Importing large Editions (e.g. Handel's Messiah). I definitely want the movements separated, as I want the measure count to start at 1 for each movement, and not to have to scroll through the whole Edition for playing one Movement. Thanks in advance
  4. thomas_finsch


    Hey, I want to instal the Music Manager on an other computer bud I forgot my password. I think it was the origin password. Can I reset it or read up it on the homepage? What are my options to solve the problem?
  5. Daniel


    I kind of have the same problem. Couldn't yet figure out how to get the View app to "follow me".
  6. thomas_finsch

    Update all Songs

    Hey, at first, I want to apologize my English. Now the situation. In my hollydays I updated many "titles". Now I have the problem I have to download every single file in the music viewer app. It is posible to update every title with every part? Greetings, Thomas
  7. hennie_hassink


    I don't know how to get my tablet scrolling.. There is no info on he website. Only page to page turn is possible. How is it possible to let the pages automatic scroll?
  8. The SCORA app runs in full screen mode, making maximum usage of the screen. To switch back to the main Android screen, or other apps, one needs to first make the system bar visible by swiping from the bottom of the screen upwards. This swiping up to make the system bar visible does not work on the Maestro screens. In order to exit the SCORA application, or to move to another one, one must use a workaround. To make the system bar visible, one can either enter the annotation mode by double tapping on music content. If no content was opened yet, one can open the detailed settings screen by tapping on the cogwheel button in the upper right corner of the viewer app. Doing either of this makes the system bar visible with all the normal buttons. We will fix this issue in a future release.
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